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Josh Ice

Director of Primary Care

Ascension Medical Group - Fox Valley

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The health care industry is constantly evolving with new surgical procedures, tools and medications. It’s also taking steps to improve the way patients access care. In the past, everything was recorded on paper charts and scheduling had to be done over the phone. Today’s health care looks a lot different.

Picture this: You’re on vacation when you begin to feel congested. By the time you wake up the next morning, you have a fever and you can’t stop coughing and wheezing. But instead of having to visit the nearest urgent care center or the emergency room for treatment, you fill out an online questionnaire and get a bronchitis diagnosis and treatment plan within 60 minutes – all without leaving your hotel room. If you need a prescription, it can be sent to a pharmacy near you.

This is just one way health care is changing to better meet patients’ needs for quick and convenient care. Ascension Wisconsin also offers:

  • Online scheduling – You can still pick up the phone to schedule an appointment with your doctor. But now you can also schedule appointments online. This also extends to urgent care and emergency room visits – avoid a lengthy wait by booking an appointment online in advance.
  • Direct communication – Have a quick question about your health? You can reach out to your provider via email or through our messaging system.
  • HealtheVisits – Get a diagnosis and treatment for your condition without having to leave your home. After filling out an online questionnaire, a clinician will review your answers and send you a diagnosis and treatment plan within an hour. You can also get prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy. HealtheVisits cost $35 ($15 additional for strep tests) and are available to everyone, not just Ascension members.

A common question people have is if they are getting the same level of care online as they would in person. Our online questionnaire includes the same questions our physicians ask in person. In addition, online clinicians use the same decision making process as they would in a clinic setting. Our clinicians are experienced and dedicated to helping patients. If your answers indicate you may have a more serious health condition, we may refer you to a higher level of care.

To learn more about online care options, contact Ascension Wisconsin or reach out to your health insurance provider.

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