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Vision Insurance: Is it Worth it?

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Amanda Hrabe

Account Executive

Network Health

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People often wonder if they need vision insurance on top of their general health insurance plan. The answer is, it depends.

General health insurance typically covers most medical services, such as doctor office visits, hospital visits, MRIs and lab work. Sometimes there is some vision coverage but it’s usually not the main focus. With vision insurance, there is more comprehensive coverage. This may include routine eye exams, treatment of eye conditions, plus coverage or discounts on glasses or contacts.

Since most general health plans don’t cover routine eye care, it might be a reason to look into getting vision insurance. It’s important to get routine eye checkups to make sure your eyes are healthy and to catch any issues early on. Routine eye exams can also sometimes detect other health issues, such as hypertension or high cholesterol.

If you decide vision insurance is right for you, start with looking for a plan with a good network of providers. If you have a specific doctor you want to see, you should make sure he or she is included in the plan. You should also look into what the plan includes – for example, if you need glasses or contacts, find out if you’ll get a discount or reimbursement on those items.

You may also want to learn more about what your general health insurance plan covers. For example, many Network Health plans include medical coverage for issues such as cataracts, eye injuries and pediatric eye care. Our Medicare Advantage members can also receive discounts on vision services.

Another option worth considering is applying Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) money toward vision expenses. Routine eye exams, glasses and contacts all count as qualified medical expenses.

If you decide you need vision insurance, reach out to your health insurance provider to learn about your options and to get connected with a plan that’s right for your needs.

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