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Is it Time to Check in With an Eye Doctor?

By Dr. Judy Hoggatt

Most of us know the importance of getting an annual exam with a primary care physician. But did you also know you should check in with an eye doctor on a regular basis?

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Vision Insurance: Is it Worth it?

By Amanda Hrabe

With vision insurance, there is more comprehensive coverage. This may include routine eye exams, treatment of eye conditions, plus coverage or discounts on glasses or contacts.

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Get Relief From Eye Allergies

By Dr. Wesley Meyer

If you’re experiencing redness, irritation and watery eyes, it must be pink eye, right? Not so fast. These are also indicators you may have an eye allergy.

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Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Health Care

By Mike Anderes

Digital therapeutics are used to enhance many areas of medicine, including chronic disease, mental health, sleep disorders and weight loss.

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Four Ways Technology Improves Your Health

By Tim Riley

There’s a wealth of information available online, and new ways to connect with your provider make it easier to get the care you need, when you need it, at a location that’s convenient for you. ...

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Improving Access to Care

By Josh Ice

The health care industry is constantly evolving with new surgical procedures, tools and medications. It’s also taking steps to improve the way patients access care.

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How Your Nutrition Needs Change With Age

By How Your Nutrition Needs Change With Age

Eating right is important no matter your age. But there are special nutritional considerations to take into account as you get older.

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Six Tips for Preparing Quick & Healthy Meals

By Elizabeth Riesen, RDN, CD

Many people believe preparing meals at home is time-consuming and boring. Here are a few tips to get healthy meals on the table fast.

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Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Health

By Amy Kulwicki RD, CD

Achieving a healthy weight requires making lifestyle changes, not following a short-term diet. To get there, follow these tips.

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